Premium Facilities

  • EAT
  • PLAY

We serve only the tastiest and most nutritious treats to pooches in our care.

The Canine Centre is fully equipped with premium facilities – only the best for your pets! There are both indoor and outdoor play areas, designed so that your dog can relax in comfort; run around; make new friends in doggy daycare, or simply spend their day playing with other perfect pooches.

Dogs are creatures of habit and by attending daycare on a regular basis, you’re helping to create a happy, healthy, and most importantly, well-socialised, relaxed and calmer canine.

What we offer

We offer a fun & safe outdoor/indoor environment The Canine Centre offers the perfect balance of exercise, socialization, and fun we want all our dogs to be comfortable and confident whilst in our care.

Dogs are creatures of habit and by attending daycare on a regular basis, you’re helping to create a happy, healthy, and most importantly, well-socialized, relaxed and calmer canine.

Our “Assessment day/ days ” process is an evaluation that is made by reservation only. All dogs must go through a temperament assessment prior to any day care visits to see whether our facility is the “pawfect” fit for your pup.

Please note we constantly evaluate your dogs behaviour whilst in our care. We will keep you updated with any behaviour changes or issues we notice, as we only ever want your dog and the digs in our care to be happy and love their days with us, therefore all day care spaces are subject to review as it’s quite natural for dogs to age out of day care.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Daycare is available Monday through Friday from 7 :30 AM to 6:30 PM.


We are located in Churchtown Business Park Dublin 14  right around the corner from the DunDrum shopping Centre.


Your pet must be:

  • Spay or Neutered if over 6 months
  • Vaccinations – Current Vaccinations inc kennel cough
  • Social with other dogs –temperament evaluation is required prior to your first daycare visit
  • All dogs must be in day care before 10.30
  • Up to date with flea & tick and worming medication.