Here at The Canine Centre we are a sucker for a sad story.

And along with our friends from Dogs In Distress we love to be able to help dogs in need. Over the years we have seen some distressing cases but thankfully with lots of TLC we always manage to nurse them back to health and find loving homes. 
Below you will find some of our happy ever after stories and also dogs and puppies that are in foster care with us and need forever homes.

Seamus and Bernie
Now live in Michigan USA. Chelsea their new mom was interning with us when Bernie & her pups came into rescue with us. She fell in love & when Chelsea returned home so did they.
 She Writes: They are fabulous. They love camping, going for walks, running at the dog park, peanut butter, and snuggles.


Was a failed foster she came into rescue with her brother Beau on new years eve a few years ago.

Naomi (owner of The Canine Centre) fell head over heals in love and ended up adopting Bambi.

Naomi Writes: Bambi is a super intelligent little girl who is always surprising me! Her favourite thing to do is swim be it in the sea or in the pool.


Denis was surrenders by his original owner on Christmas eve 2016 as he felt Denis was spending too much time alone and reserved a better life.

Everyone immediately fell in Love with his spunky character and loving nature, and after spending the weekend with Emma & Liam Denis made himself at home and the rest is history.
Emma Writes: Denis has changed my life in more ways than one. We love going on adventures and vegging out on the sofa. He is just the best little dog ever.


Came to us through a client weighing nearly 5KG with a special diet and lots of swimming Richard transformed into a happy healthy little dog. After living with Naomi for nearly a year he Richard decided that He would adopt her Dad. They now spend their day cursing around the country.

William writes: I love that Richard only has eyes for me, it was so rewarding winning over his trust and getting unconditional love.


Another failed foster belonging to Naomi Dorothy came from a hoarder and along with her siblings who were terrified of life.

A naked dog isn't everyones cup of tea but Dorothy has the most wonderful gentle personality and with lots of time and patience Dorothy has turned out to be a happy well rounded member of The Canine Centre team.


Eric is Dorothy's brother and came from the same background. He is not a social dog and has a small circle of trust that takes some time to become a member of. Once he begins to trust you he is a very quirky and affectionate dog. He enjoys the outdoor life and we regularly go on long hikes in the mountains. He is his most calm when he has plenty of space to move around in. I enjoy his weirdness. 


Jim was one of Bernie's pups. He was very lively from day one but now he has found a fondness for naps and cuddling. He is pretty much the polar opposite of Eric(His "brother")meaning that he is very social and trusts everybody. Jim loves playing tug of war and also going for long hikes. I enjoy Jim's goofyness.



Another one of Bernie's puppies, and originally called Brigit she was the smallest in the litter and melted everyone's hear.

Nala was lucky enough to be adopted by Gemma and her family. She loves long walks with her brother Creasy the black lab and chilling on the couch.


Originally Fergal arrived in the worst condition we have ever seen a dog in.

We actually sobbed all morning whilst we shaved his matted coat off and revealed the true horror that was underneath. We were so thankful for all the support we received we really couldn't have done it without everyone help as the vet bills were enormous. 
Gizmo was adopted by the Cooney family and is spoilt rotten he even has a groomer in the family now and is one pampered pooch