Yuup Tea Tree and Neem Oil Shampoo


Yuup! Tea Tree and Neem Oil Shampoo is a professional shampoo that deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin, creating a natural barrier against insects and parasites.

TYPE OF COAT:  Suitable for all types of coats and breeds. Suitable for both cats and dogs.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Essential Oil of Cajeput (White Tea Tree Oil), Neem oil, natural extracts of Thyme and Chamomile, Quaternized Keratine, Creatine and Vitamins C+E+Panthenol. It does not contain permethrin or any pest control agents.

PURPOSE: Specific Cleansing to get an unpleasant effect towards insects and parasites. Refreshes the skin.

DILUTION: 1:10/ Max. 1:20

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