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Yuup! Glossing and Detangling Spray 250ml

Yuup! Glossing and Detangling Spray 250ml

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Leave–in biphasic and concentrated detangling spray recommended for the most neglected and tangled coats.

TYPE OF COAT: ideal for long coats, suitable to all types of breeds and textures, for both dogs and cats.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Quaternized Keratin, Creatine, Vitamin C + E + Panthenol, blend of glossing and conditioning ingredients. It does not contain alcohol.

PURPOSE: detangling, glossing, conditioning, film-forming, it reduces the drying time.

USE AS DETANGLING SPRAY: shake well to emulsify the product and activate the ingredient, then spray on the wet coat while drying. The quantity depends on the size of the dog and on the condition of the coat. It is suggested not to use more than two doses on the same area. Do not rinse nor dilute, ready to use product.

USE AS GLOSSING SPRAY: shake well the bottle and spray directly on the coat during the final drying, brushing the coat and drying it completely. It is suggested to use max one dose for each area to be treated.

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