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Yuup! Revive Oil 150ml

Yuup! Revive Oil 150ml

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Blend of light and non greasy oils specifically formulated to restore the most matted, dry and damaged coats.

TYPE OF COAT: ideal for long coats and suitable to all types of breeds and textures, for both dogs and cats.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Jojoba, Linseed and Sunflower oils. Soft natural gummy (AGAR) microspheres that while breaking through the dispenser, release and activate the inside Quaternized Keratin and Vitamin E.

PURPOSE: detangling, film-forming, thermo protective, volumizing, glossing, it reduces the drying time.

HOW TO USE: for a detangling and silk effect and to reduce the drying time, use the product during the washing: dilute the shampoo into water to get the desired foam, then add Revive to this solving; the quantity, a few drops up to 1 max 2 pumps, depends on the size of the dog and on the condition of the coat.
To get a silk and brilliant effect, apply a few drops on dry coat and spread evenly on it.
Ideal for long lasting effect for show dogs and for wrapping on the long coat breeds.

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